MCAHV Board of Directors

Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence is a non-profit organization governed by and representing Maine citizens dedicated to reducing gun violence in Maine. MCAHV’s primary focus is the reduction of injuries to people in the State of Maine caused by the excessive proliferation of guns in our society. MCAHV’s goal is to prevent gun violence by advocating personal responsibility, public awareness, practical legislation, enforcement of laws, and increased manufacturer responsibility. Overall, MCAHV intends to make Maine a safer place for all citizens.
MCAHV Board of Directors

President: Edward Needham
Vice President: Lois Galgay Reckitt
Treasurer: Robert McAfee
Secretary: Maryellen Sullivan
Executive Director: Cathie Whittenburg
Legislative Director: Robert Howe
Chief Mathew Baker
Rabbi Carolyn Braun
Douglas Carr
Chief Michael Chitwood
Sheriff Charles Cote
Hon. Kenneth Curtis
Dr. Edward David
Sheriff Mark Dion
Irv Faunce
Julie Fitzgerald
Chief Edward Googins
Mark Gray
William Harwood
Shoshana Hoose
Marilyn Lalumiere
Dr. Stephanie Lash
S. Catherine Longley
Pattee McGarry
Deputy Chief William Ridge
Sandra Scully
George Silverman
Hon. Stanley Tupper
Dr. Edward Walworth
Ellen Wells
Chief Donald Winslow