Water leaks refer to the flow of water from one area to another via small gaps or porous materials. It is a common problem in every property. Usually, it emerges after long-term exposure to moisture, pipe bursts, or heavy rainfalls. When left untreated or unnoticed, water can present severe risks to the people living inside that property.  

Unluckily, homeowners aren’t always wary of the various causes behind water leakages. Fortunately, we are here to help you. Today, we’re going to share with you some of the main reasons why water leaks in your walls. If you do find leaks, make sure you hire a waterproofing impermeabilizaciones Valladolid company. 

Deteriorating Bathroom Seals and Floor Slabs 

The most common source of water leaks is the bathroom. This is particularly true since it’s the area of your home where there are a lot of water-based fixtures and pipes. Unfortunately, pipes aren’t the only source of water seepages. The floor and walls might be the culprit instead. Bathroom surfaces are continuously in contact with water. Because of this, it isn’t a surprise if they’ll leak water over time.  

Bathroom water leaks usually happen along the bottom of the walls since they’re always exposed to water. If you choose to ignore the leak, more and more moisture will seep through.  

Defective Pipes  

The defective pipe might often be concealed behind false walls or even within the premise of a neighboring house or apartment. You should take note that the defective pipe doesn’t have to be within the area in which you see the leak. Water can travel long distances because of natural forces, such as wind and gravity. Water typically follows a path of least resistance. Because of this, finding the defective pipe can be extremely difficult.  

Also, if you’re living in an apartment and found out that the leak is coming from the adjacent room, the complexity of your issue increases. Aside from getting the help of the apartment’s owner, waterproofing experts will have to guarantee that water hasn’t been collected in other hidden areas on the property. Because of this, you can expect a tedious and lengthy process of inspection and repair.  

Leaks from Pipes 

On a lot of occasions, water leak is caused by defective water pipes, sanitary fitments, or drainage pipes. Pipes develop defects over time as their features rust and age. In addition to that, the natural forces of the ground cause constant natural shifts in the foundation of the property. These movements lead to the joints of the pipe to loosen and separate over time. Aside from that, you and your family members can also contribute to the problem by clogging pipes. If you constantly dispose of solid waste in the pipes, they’ll become clogged with foreign objects.  

For occasions that include visible pipe leaks, you can try to do simple repair works. Unfortunately, if the pipe leak is hidden, you might have to hire a professional waterproofing company to trace the source of the leak and fix the problem right away.